Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, 2019

Apr 1, 2020 | affordable warmth, fuel poverty

This Friday 29 November, Keep Herefordshire Warm is participating in a national campaign to keep people warm and safe at home.

Living in a warm home is essential for health and wellbeing, but rising energy prices, low incomes and poor-quality housing means that millions of people across the UK – including nearly 10,000 households in Herefordshire – don’t have that option.

The Warm and Safe Homes Campaign is run by national fuel poverty charity National Energy Action and is calling for greater support for those struggling to heat their homes. As part of that campaign, Fuel Poverty Awareness Day raising awareness about the hidden issue of fuel poverty, which is often particularly difficult to address in rural counties like ours.

12% of Herefordshire residents are in fuel poverty

In Herefordshire, over 12% of households have high heating costs, and struggle to afford to heat their homes with the income they have. While there are areas within the county where the figure is 11% – and areas where it reaches nearly 16% – all parts of the county are above the national average for England.

Herefordshire Council partner with local charity Severn Wye Energy Agency to deliver Keep Herefordshire Warm, a support service for all households across the county to access advice and grant funding to help improve warmth at home. If you often struggle to keep warm or keep energy bills affordable during the winter months, call Keep Herefordshire Warm at 0800 677 1432 to check whether you may be eligible for funding towards insulation, draught-proofing or a free first-time central heating system.

Children are among the most at risk from a cold home

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day exists because a cold home is often a hidden struggle. If you have friends or family who suffer from frequent illness in the winter, tend to stick to living a single room or stop inviting people round during the colder months – today may be a good opportunity to look in on them and check that they know about the support available to them.

To support the campaign online, please use the hashtag #FuelPovertyAwarenessDay, visit the Keep Herefordshire Warm page on Facebook, and take a look around this website to see what support is available.