Free first-time central heating and gas connection for properties in Herefordshire

by | May 19, 2020 | advice, affordable warmth, energy efficiency, fuel poverty, funding, grant funding, health

Woman laying on floor with feet raised up on central heating radiator for warmingAlongside Herefordshire Council and EON, we launch the new Warmer Homes Herefordshire programme to help keep households healthier this winter.

This winter, it will arguably be more important than ever to make sure you are living in a warm, healthy home. As we begin to learn more about the long-term effects of COVID-19, it is becoming clearer that recovery can take weeks, if not months, and that many of us will still be recuperating from the virus. It is vital our homes are up to this task and are free from damp and cold when the cooler weather sets in.

Herefordshire Council, together with charity Severn Wye Energy Agency and the energy company EON are part of a scheme connecting homes across the county to gas and installing first-time central heating systems for free to eligible households over the next two years.

Homeowners, as well as social and private tenants, will be able to heat their home more effectively using a gas central heating system. As well as the health benefits of living in a well-heated home, they will save up to £4,500 for the installation as well as £350 a year on their heating bill.

The scheme is funded by the £150m Warm Homes Fund, which has been established by National Grid to support local authorities to address some of the issues affecting fuel poor households.

In Herefordshire, over 12% of households have high heating costs and struggle to afford to heat their homes with the income they have. All parts of the county are above the national average for England.

Herefordshire Council partner with local sustainability charity Severn Wye Energy Agency to deliver Keep Herefordshire Warm, a support service for all households across the county to access advice and grant funding to help improve warmth at home.

Rob Hargraves, Senior Project Manager of Keep Herefordshire Warm, said:

“Installing central heating into a home can make a big difference to the comfort, health and energy bills of the occupants. To be able to offer free first-time systems to eligible Herefordshire households is an opportunity for the whole county to benefit from lower fuel poverty and a healthier winter in the wake of COVID-19.”

To register your interest for this opportunity, visit our heating grants page on this website, call us directly on 0800 677 1432, or fill out the form below to find apply to find out if you qualify.

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